Thursday, 14 February 2013 ada cerita lain pulak setelah terkantoi...kik kik kik

Tak habis-habis kisah Yes - No...Yes.- No...ini ada cerita lain pulak.

Psyyyyyy.....mari kita sondol rahsia amenu/be-end yang semenjak sedari dulu, kini dan selama2nya ayik mengelirukan (itu bahasa lembut) a.k.a menipu (?) rakyat.

Cer baca DI SINI dan di bawah 'sebab-sebab' yang kukuh untuk menguatkan seseorang yang di'aib'kan yang boleh menghilangkan ke'malu'-'malu'an seseorang.

Apa tidaknya bila dipanggil Psy untuk ber'yee sang'.......rupa-rupanya Psy membatukan diri untuk berkata No.....adesss malunnya aku.

Begitulah kerja Psy yang professional......beliau hanya dibayar berjuta-juta hanya untuk menyanyi dan berenju-renjut...bukan untuk ber'yee sang'.

Kalau nak jugak Psy ber'yee sang'......kenalah tabur pulak duit...masa ada lagikan...lagi pun Parlimen belum pun bubar lagi.


Are you ready to sponsor Psy......oh No.....please


GEORGE TOWN: An attempt on K-pop sensation Psy’s life forced organizers to call off plans to have the singer participate in a “yee sang” tossing ceremony with Barisan Nasional (BN) dignitaries during the coalition’s recent Chinese New Year open house here.
State BN chief Teng Chang Yeow said today the police have been informed of the threat.

He denied speculation that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak left the stage after Psy did not come up when invited to toss “yee sang” with BN leaders.

Teng said the delay in Psy making his appearance was due to an attempt on his life.

“There was an attempt on Psy’s life so the police had to act to secure the area since his tent was a distance to the stage, that’s why we ask the prime minister to come down from the stage,” he said.

He denied that the Korean pop star had refused to “low sang” (tossing yee sang) with the BN leaders, saying it was not part of Psy’s programme.

“He was only here to perform, this (tossing yee sang) is not part of the programme,” he said.

He said the emcee did not follow her cue which had resulted in the yee sang “misunderstanding”.

Teng added that bringing Psy to Penang was his way of telling the people that he delivers on his promises.

“All I wanted was just to tell the people of Penang that what I promise, I will deliver,” he said.

He said if the people have confidence in him, next year he would bring another superstar to Penang and it did not necessarily have to be during Chinese New Year.

Teng said he had friends in the industry who had offered to bring the Korean superstar over and the performance was also fully sponsored by a private sponsor.

“It was sponsored by private sponsors who preferred to remain anonymous as they are afraid of being ‘victimized’ if their identities were revealed,” he said.

Speculation has been rife on social networking sites and websites that BN had used taxpayers’ money to fund the massive event on Monday where more than 60,000 people turned up for the event.

“I was given a choice of between Psy or Justin Bieber but since I don’t know who Justin Bieber is, I decided to bring Psy over,” Teng said at a press conference at the Jelutong Gerakan Chinese New Year open house
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